KTM X-Bow R – Available 2011

KTM are currently working on the 2011 model of the X-BOW which will be named the X-Bow ‘R’.   After having been on the market for approximately two years now, the KTM X-BOW line-up will be supplemented with the introduction of the “R” model in 2011.

X-Bow R Prototype

The engine for this even more powerful version comes again from Audi – but it will be exactly the same engine used among others in the actual Audi S3.  Changes to the engine electronics and peripheral devices will boost the performance up to 300 horsepower.  Additionally, a considerably lower positioning and a modified mounting of the engine will lead to even higher cornering speeds and increased driving precision.

X-Bow R Prototype

Two optional equipment packages will allow customisation of the X-BOW “R” to the customers specific requirements:  The road legal and homologated “Sport” package; and the “Race” package, which is optimised for track day and racing use.   The packages each include a vast number of completely new developed parts, which increase the performance of the car dramatically. Many of these parts will be also available separately in the PowerParts programme, so all current KTM X-BOW owners will enjoy the benefit of the new developments.

The prototype shown below is pictured at it’s first roll-out on the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife.  This model has nearly all new parts installed.  As you can see the aerodynamic features alone make this new R model stand out from the crowd.

More detailed information, prices and pictures will be available from Hangar 111 at the beginning of 2011.

News, Product News October 10th 2010

ITG Maxogen Carbon Induction Kit

Working with development partners Induction Technology Group we have completed the development of a brand new carbon induction kit for the X-Bow.

The ITG Maxogen X-Bow kit is a replacement for the heavy and restrictive engine cover airbox, saving just over 4kg’s from the top of the engine.  Combine this with a power increase, a true cold-air supply for the engine plus excellent throttle response and it starts to make good sense!

Maxogen X-Bow Kit

Maxogen X-Bow Kit

On a standard X-Bow (240bhp), the Maxogen delivers a gain of up to 20bhp and 10lb/ft of torque, but the most notable difference was the improvement in throttle response right across the rpm range.  On the track, the benefits were improved throttle balancing after down-shifts and smoother throttle control on corner exit.  The results with tuned X-Bow engines may vary. 

 As you can imagine we are very pleased with the results!  Installation is straightforward – simply disconnect the MAF sensor, remove the original airbox and install the Maxogen kit as per the supplied fitting guide.  Both engine cover panels and air scoop will need to be removed.

For a limited period only, installation at our workshops will be included in the price of the kit if you make a booking for an oil service or other maintenance. 

We expect the Maxogen to sell out quickly, so order yours now to avoid disappointment!

To find this product in our webstore along with many other products from the KTM Powerparts range, CLICK HERE.

Alternatively, please call us for more information.

News, Product News April 3rd 2010

Sayel Racing Support at Yas

Those following the progress of Sayel Racing in the UAE GT Championship will be only too aware of his excellent progress during his first rookie season in the X-Bow.

In December 2010 I travelled to Abu Dhabi to help with the setup and support of the GT4 which was piloted in the 6th Round by Jordon Grogor and Saad Salman who kindly invited me to take part.

Abu Dhabi is a beautiful place to visit and the Yas Marina circuit has to be among the best if not the best motor racing circuit in the world.  Perfection is the name of the game in the Emirates and the circuit on Yas Island is no exception.

The overall aim of my trip was to do as much as possible to help the team get faster lap times from the X-Bow, attempt to resolve some niggles with the fuel delivery (from the GT4’s bag fuel tank) and identify any potential areas where the car could be further developed.   It is a blessing in situations like this to have drivers present who are able to give usable feedback to the team and accurately describe the cars dynamics.  Both Jordan and Saad were great in this respect, and we quickly began to identify and make minor changes to good effect.

Some of the features of the car:

  • X-Bow GT4 (standard factory version)
  • Roof Scoop/airbox removed to reduce drag and increase cooling
  • Hangar 111 ITG Maxogen Induction Kit
  • Dunlop slicks (series tyre)
  • Pagid RS-15 brake pads
  • Hangar 111 Carbon Brake Ducting (it’s hot out there!)

At present, the car is exceptionally competitive and only the long, high speed straights are causing it some problems due to lack of power (it is running appx 278bhp).  A weight penalty exists, so we need to be innovative to get those higher top-speeds.   This is something we are working on at the moment.

Read more about Saad’s progress and our visit on Sayel Racing’s blog.

Events, News, Product News January 26th 2010



Hot off the press today – details about the new performance package X-Bow customers have been eagerly awaiting.

  • KTM recommended ABT Sportsline upgrade for X-BOW
  • Develops 300bhp and 400Nm (295lb/ft)
  • X-BOW can reach 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds
  • Installation through X-BOW service partners

KTM X-BOW owners wishing to take the extraordinary performance of their ‘Ready to Race’ sportscar to the next level can now benefit from a significant power upgrade.

Developed by Audi engine tuning experts ABT Sportsline, the upgrade will raise the already-potent powertrain to 300bhp (from 240bhp in standard tune) and boost torque to a formidable 400Nm (from 310Nm), lifting the vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio to 380 bhp per tonne.  Most importantly, the ABT upgrade delivers these increases while retaining the dynamics of the vehicle and flexibility of the engine, which provides highly accessible peak power and torque over a wide rpm range.

As you can see from the graphs below (std 240bhp shown in black) the power delivery is very smooth.

Power and Torque Graphs for ABT 300 for X-Bow

Power and Torque Graphs for ABT 300 for X-Bow

Combined with the vehicle’s light weight and Dallara-developed chassis, the increased power will launch the X-BOW from rest to 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds – compared to 3.9 seconds with the engine’s standard 240bhp configuration.   CLICK HERE to download our datasheets.

The upgrade – which is the tuning solution authorised by KTM for the X-Bow – will be sold as an aftermarket package and can be retrofitted to all X-BOW models.  The upgrade costs £5,300 fully fitted (incl. VAT) and comes with a two year warranty – a testament to the extensive development testing undertaken to meet KTM’s exacting requirements.

“X-BOW’s racecar-inspired chassis and sophisticated aerodynamic package have always given owners the ability to go head-to-head with some of the world’s most exotic machinery,” comments Jeff Lau, KTM’s X-BOW  Manager for the UK.  “This power upgrade will ensure that X-BOW owners seeking an even more extreme experience can do so in total confidence, building upon the quality assurance of the expert engineering and exquisite finish for which X-BOW is recognised.”

Existing owners interested in equipping their X-BOW with the factory-recommended power upgrade should contact their nearest service partner, where the upgrade can be installed by ABT’s specialist engineers.  Based in Kempten, Germany, ABT Sportsline is renowned for carrying out tuning work on Volkswagen Group powertrains. 

Hangar 111 are pleased to be working in conjunction with ABT and KTM to deliver this highly refined performance package to X-BOW owners.  Initial numbers are limited, so please contact us at technical@hangar111.com for further details on how you can book for installation.

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