X-Bow Service Items now In stock

Don’t forget that we hold stocks of most of the essentials you will need to take care of your X-Bow wherever you may be.  If we don’t have it here on the shelf then it can be ordered from the factory and shipped to you in a very short time.  For example, if non-stock items are ordered before 2pm on Monday and are available for dispatch at the Factory, they can usually be delivered to you by Friday.  Typical items we carry are*:

  • Original Replacement Brake Discs:  £195 front pair;  £185 rear pair
  • Standard Brake Pads:  £122 front;  £120 rear
  • Uprated Racing Brake Pads:  £call
  • Suspension Shims Kit – £60 front set; £19 rear set
  • Toyo R888 Front:  205/40 R17 – £200 pr;   215/45 R17 – £call
  • Toyo R888 Rear:  235/40 R18 – £290 pr;  245/40 R18 – £320 pr;  255/35 R18 – £call
  • Road Tyres Front:  205/40 R17 – £call
  • Road Tyres Rear:  235/40 R18 – £call
  • X-Bow Outdoor Car Cover: £260
  • X-Bow Interior Knee Pad Kit: £45

Limited offer November/December only: KTM X-Bow Forged Alloy Wheels – Set of 4:  £2685 (includes UK delivery).  We can also supply complete X-Bow wheel and tyre sets fully fitted and fine balanced at excellent prices so you can have that standby set of wets or slicks ready for the track or some winter driving. Contact us for package prices.

To order, please call  +44 (0) 1473 811 811 or Contact Us.

*all prices listed exclude VAT.  Prices may vary depending on stock levels and availability.

Product News October 29th 2010

Hangar 111 Proud Sponsors of Sayel Racing!

Our knowledge and experience with the X-Bow has been put to the test during the last 6 months while we have been supporting Palestinian GT Racer Saad Salman to build and prepare his X-Bow GT4 for the UEA GT Championship.

Saad’s X-Bow GT4 features our specially designed carbon brake cooling intakes, Powerparts ultralight forged alloy wheels, ITG Maxogen induction kit and 280 bhp ECU reflash.

The championship features Saad’s X-Bow alongside GT-class Lotus Exige and Evora and a mixture of thoroughbred GT cars that will make for superbly close racing.

News in about the championship preview can be found on the Middle-East’s Circuit Pro Website.

We will be watching Saad’s progress through his rookie season in the X-Bow GT4.

Go Sayel Racing!

News, Product News October 29th 2010

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Powerwear & Powerparts for Xmas!

Just in time for those early Christmas gift ideas (ouch – yes – it’s the “Christmas” word already!), here is the current X-Bow Powerparts and Powerwear catalogues now available for download.  Please note that this time the X-Bow Powerwear is in a seperate section of the full KTM Powerwear catalogue.

Many of the parts can be found in our Online Store but if there is something specific you are looking for, please Contact Us and we’ll be more than happy to help.  For larger orders we can of course offer some discount, so please drop us a line if you are looking for a mixture of goodies to fill that stocking.

Click on the images below to browse the catalogues and click on the links to view the price lists, or alternatively, why not forward on a link to this page to a friend or loved as a subtle hint!  Please note these are large files and may take a short while to download.

Download X-Bow Powerwear Price List (pdf)

Download X-Bow Powerparts Price List (pdf)

Hangar 111 X-Bow Powerwear

Powerwear Catalogue

KTM X-Bow Powerparts Catalogue

Powerparts Catalogue

News, Product News October 27th 2010

X-Bow 280bhp Upgrade

We are pleased to announce our status as the official Zawotec dealer in the UK which means we will be able to offer the full range of Zawotec products for your X-Bow.

As a fellow X-Bow dealer, Zawotec have been developing the X-Bow from a number of different angles including:

  • Engine Performance Upgrades
  • ECU Reflashes
  • Sports Exhaust Systems
  • DSG Transmission Kits
  • Racing ABS Systems
  • Uprated Clutch & Flywheel

Full fitting and setup is available at our workshops here in the Suffolk countryside where we can prepare the X-Bow to your requirements for road, track or race use.  For details of the Zawotec range available through Hangar 111 please Contact Us.

Product News October 15th 2010

KTM X-Bow R – Available 2011

KTM are currently working on the 2011 model of the X-BOW which will be named the X-Bow ‘R’.   After having been on the market for approximately two years now, the KTM X-BOW line-up will be supplemented with the introduction of the “R” model in 2011.

X-Bow R Prototype

The engine for this even more powerful version comes again from Audi – but it will be exactly the same engine used among others in the actual Audi S3.  Changes to the engine electronics and peripheral devices will boost the performance up to 300 horsepower.  Additionally, a considerably lower positioning and a modified mounting of the engine will lead to even higher cornering speeds and increased driving precision.

X-Bow R Prototype

Two optional equipment packages will allow customisation of the X-BOW “R” to the customers specific requirements:  The road legal and homologated “Sport” package; and the “Race” package, which is optimised for track day and racing use.   The packages each include a vast number of completely new developed parts, which increase the performance of the car dramatically. Many of these parts will be also available separately in the PowerParts programme, so all current KTM X-BOW owners will enjoy the benefit of the new developments.

The prototype shown below is pictured at it’s first roll-out on the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife.  This model has nearly all new parts installed.  As you can see the aerodynamic features alone make this new R model stand out from the crowd.

More detailed information, prices and pictures will be available from Hangar 111 at the beginning of 2011.

News, Product News October 10th 2010