That Suspension Cover Thing – Explained

A number of owners have been in touch asking about the suspension cover that has been seen at X-Bow Battle events and on our sponsored driver Saad Salman’s GT4 (Sayel Racing).  Hopefully we can explain this further.

The original development of this part was to make the X-Bow legal on the roads where legislation dictates that any moving parts should be covered where there is a risk of contact with a human in the event of an accident.  Rules are rules, so KTM developed a cover that lays over the spring and damper assemblies on the top of the monocoque.

During development of the X-Bow in various race series, the cover has been used in an effort to reduce drag where air may be caught up around the suspension units.

The part is called Pedestrian Protection and is available from Hangar 111 priced at £363 + vat.  It is compatible with all models of X-Bow.  Contact us for more details.

Tech Centre November 25th 2010