World Premiere of the X-BOW GT

Greg Lock from Hangar 111 will be joining KTM at the 2013 International Geneva Motor Show, to present the first KTM X-BOW with a windscreen, called the X-BOW GT, to the world audience.

Based on the X-BOW R, the GT boasts a windscreen and sidescreens to provide occupants with additional protection from the elements.  Also available are a soft top roof (“X-Top”) which can be quickly and easily fitted, as well as a new baggage system which provides up to 50 litres of storage space.

Like other X-BOW, the GT can be individually designed with a range of new colours, and stylish PowerParts.

The KTM X-BOW GT is available for immediate order, with initial deliveries scheduled for May 2013.

Product News March 5th 2013