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Our knowledge and experience with the X-Bow has been put to the test during the last 6 months while we have been supporting Palestinian GT Racer Saad Salman to build and prepare his X-Bow GT4 for the UEA GT Championship.

Saad’s X-Bow GT4 features our specially designed carbon brake cooling intakes, Powerparts ultralight forged alloy wheels, ITG Maxogen induction kit and 280 bhp ECU reflash.

The championship features Saad’s X-Bow alongside GT-class Lotus Exige and Evora and a mixture of thoroughbred GT cars that will make for superbly close racing.

News in about the championship preview can be found on the Middle-East’s Circuit Pro Website.

We will be watching Saad’s progress through his rookie season in the X-Bow GT4.

Go Sayel Racing!

News, Product News October 29th 2010

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