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Don’t forget that we hold stocks of most of the essentials you will need to take care of your X-Bow wherever you may be.  If we don’t have it here on the shelf then it can be ordered from the factory and shipped to you in a very short time.  For example, if non-stock items are ordered before 2pm on Monday and are available for dispatch at the Factory, they can usually be delivered to you by Friday.  Typical items we carry are*:

  • Original Replacement Brake Discs:  £195 front pair;  £185 rear pair
  • Standard Brake Pads:  £122 front;  £120 rear
  • Uprated Racing Brake Pads:  £call
  • Suspension Shims Kit – £60 front set; £19 rear set
  • Toyo R888 Front:  205/40 R17 – £200 pr;   215/45 R17 – £call
  • Toyo R888 Rear:  235/40 R18 – £290 pr;  245/40 R18 – £320 pr;  255/35 R18 – £call
  • Road Tyres Front:  205/40 R17 – £call
  • Road Tyres Rear:  235/40 R18 – £call
  • X-Bow Outdoor Car Cover: £260
  • X-Bow Interior Knee Pad Kit: £45

Limited offer November/December only: KTM X-Bow Forged Alloy Wheels – Set of 4:  £2685 (includes UK delivery).  We can also supply complete X-Bow wheel and tyre sets fully fitted and fine balanced at excellent prices so you can have that standby set of wets or slicks ready for the track or some winter driving. Contact us for package prices.

To order, please call  +44 (0) 1473 811 811 or Contact Us.

*all prices listed exclude VAT.  Prices may vary depending on stock levels and availability.

Product News October 29th 2010

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