KTM X-Bow Win at GBMC Sprint!

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KTM X-Bow Clubsport model takes 1st place in Class and 3rd fastest time overall!

The lightweight carbon fibre bodied X-Bow Clubsport piloted by Hangar 111 MD – Greg Lock competed at the GBMC/HCC Sprint at North Weald on Sunday 26th April.  The X-Bow was placed in Class C7 (Road Going Kit Type Cars and Replica Cars 1701cc and over), the class-level competition consisted of Lotus and Caterham.  The overall competitor list included entries from Porsche GT3 RS, Subaru WRC and Van Diemen F2000 race cars.

The highly popular club motorsport venue remained dry and clear, which gave the first outing for the X-Bow in UK Club-Level sprinting an excellent opportunity for some last-minute suspension changes and tyre pressure adjstments on the more-than capable Toyo R888 track day tyres.

“I’ve competed at North Weald many times in the Lotus Elise, so the venue is very familiar”, says Greg.  “Like the Lotus platforms, the KTM X-Bow is perfect for this kind of club-level motorsport and it was welcomed with massive interest from the other competitors.”.   Fellow C7 competitor Paul Bowden (Caterham) provided close competition throughout, however the final timed run found another 1.69 seconds to give Greg the class win.

There were comments on the day regarding the surface at North Weald being too bumpy for the lower race cars, however with easy pre-load adjustment on the X-Bow’s 4-Way White Power suspension this compensated for.

Looking at the times from the day, the only entrants ahead of the X-Bow were super lightweight single-seater race cars both superbly piloted by Tony Beesley (Jedi Mk4) and Ken Roberts (Van Diemen F2000). 

While the X-Bow is a formidable track-day machine, it’s agility and responsiveness gives it a serious competitive edge in time-trials like sprints and hillclimbs.  On the 25th of April, the European Hill Climb Championships took place in Rechberg which included 12 X-Bow entrants competing in a 5km run through the Austrian countryside. 

If you are thinking of entering your X-Bow in Sprints or Hillclimbs, contact us to find out what we can do for you and your vehicle to give you the competitive edge!  Club motorsport is an enjoyable, adrenalin-packed and low-cost way to get into competitive motorsport. It’s also a very social occasion where you will meet like-minded individuals, all racing against the clock.

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News May 3rd 2009

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