X-Bow Brake Cooling Ducts

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Not usually a big problem at this time of year in Europe, but in the summer our X-Bow brake duct kit may come in handy for reducing brake fade and boiling fluids when you are pushing your X-Bow to the limit.

Constructed from pre-preg carbon fibre the intake is designed to sit tight against the nose of the X-Bow, scavenging high-speed clean-air with minimal disruption to aerodynamic perfomance.

Tested with success by Saad Salman (Sayel Racing) on their UAE GT Championship entry X-Bow GT4.

The kit comprises carbon intake and outlets with lightweight silicone hose to link them.  Kits are made to order and are available with black or orange silicone ducting hose.

Contact us at technical@hangar111.com for more details.

News December 12th 2010

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