Ti-Links ARB links for the X-Bow

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High-strength rod ends combined with strong, light titanium link rods. Developed for track and race car use, these links are shorter than standard to compensate for vehicles running lower ride heights and are also adjustable to enable fine tuning.

So why change the standard configuration? Our Ti-Links are shorter than standard versions which results in an instant reduction in body roll when loading the car up into a corner. This in turn allows the suspension more freedom of movement (if a damper bottoms out mid-corner then grip is reduced). Add to that 15mm adjustability in the rod lengths and you have the ability to fine-tune to taste. In practice we would recommend a lower spring rate and softer damper settings to allow the suspension to move more freely. This is down to personal taste however!

The arb drop links are subject to constant stresses which can lead to premature failure in oem type ball joints if the car is used frequently on the track. This generally results in a knocking or rattling noise. Replacing these with aircraft-grade spherical bearing rods-ends means you can rely on their accuracy and durability for much longer.

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Product News April 4th 2011

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