Pagid RS-14 and RS-15 Pads

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Pagid RS-14 (Black)

Over the years, our faith in the capabilities of Pagid RS pads has been unabated.  Our experience tells us that this is partly down to their excellent feel, initial bite and superb performance under high temperatures.  The RS-14 compound pads have been the staple diet of many Lotus track day drivers and racers for a number of years.

Pagid’s RS14 is a ceramic-based friction material that offers a good initial bite and consistant feel under light and heavy braking.  It has very good modulation characteristics and offers good control against wheel lock at all temperatures.

In practical use, we’ve found them to be at home on the road if they are regularly subject to the heat of use on the track.   They are an ideal replacement pad for the X-Bow.  We recommend using them on the front and rear as opposed to mixing compounds.

Pagid RS-15 (Grey)

The RS15 pad is also a ceramic-based formulation developed in the same way as the RS14 for similar use.  RS-15 is suitable for applications where very high levels of friction (braking torque) are required, or situations were very high disc temperatures are experienced.

RS15 combines the benefits of RS14 with approximately a 20% increase in the stopping performance.  With even greater intial bite and braking feel.  This increase in bite is often very useful on cars without servo assistance that are known to require high pedal forces to brake the car efficiently.  The RS-15 pads is therefore ideal for the X-Bow where we have found deterioration in front and rear pads due to overheating – common when a ‘road’ pad and disc combination are used frequently on the track.

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Product News January 26th 2011

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