Top Gear Live – London Excel

Following on from our exploits at the Birmingham NEC several weeks ago, we are now all set for the 4 day event at the London Docklands Excel venue where the indoor track is bigger, faster and even more of a challenge for the drivers!

If you missed us at Birmingham, then now is your chance to come along and see the new X-Bow R in the Exhibition hall where we will be on hand to discuss all aspects of the current and future developments of the X-Bow platform.  We will also be present in the prestigious Track Paddock where you can see us supporting the track event with a specially developed 275bhp X-Bow that has been set up especially for The Stig to demonstrate his drifting skills!

Tickets for the show are available HERE.

News November 23rd 2011

Christmas & January Sale

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Merry Christmas!!

News November 23rd 2011

Top Gear Live Birmingham NEC

Top Gear Live at the Birmingham NEC (11th-14th Nov.) provided all the expected thrills and spills that the event had promised.  ABG Motorsport and Hangar 111 supported the event with three vehicles: A X-BOW Clubsport; the 2011 GT4 Championship Winning X-BOW GT4; and the brand new X-BOW R sporting full carbon fibre body panels.

Surprisingly (and at short notice!), our remit for the weekend was to turn the X-BOW into a drifting machine!  The Stig would power the car around the indoor track with controlled oversteer through the corners to entertain the crowds. Yes, yes – I know what you are thinking….The X-BOW is not a drifting machine….and we agree!  Unphased by the challenge the team set about making changes to the car in order to generate more oversteer – not an easy task at such short notice!

Meanwhile in the exhibition hall, thousands of Top Gear fans photographed and asked questions about the X-BOW which looked fantastic in the central gallery area of the event.

After each session on the track, visitors passed on-mass through the Track Paddock where we were displaying our track cars.

Making the X-BOW a drift car was no easy feat.  The tail end was set up hard with smaller wheels and upright geometry, with an alarming amount of toe-out!  The front end was soft and compliant with plenty of travel and wet tyres were fitted to cope with the smooth marble-like surface of the indoor track and reduce understeer – encouraging the rear to step out on turn-in.

Mission Accomplished!  As you can see from the video below, we managed to loosen up the rear of the car sufficiently for The Stig to make an entertaining fly-past for the crowds.   The car looked spectacular and those who were lucky-enough to see this were impressed to say the least.

As is the case with live events, changes to the schedule were made throughout the weekend and we were placed on standby (this was afterall an entertainment show – not a race!).  As a result the X-BOW did not take part in a live performance in front of the crowds, but from our point of view we met the challenge head-on and achieved our goals.  The X-BOW can be a drifting machine if it needs to be (….but we do not recommend it!!).

In Summary – the X-BOW is not ideally suited to be drifted around a short indoor track with a smooth floor, so if you are considering doing something similar in your garage at home we would not advise it – unless of course you can get The Stig to pilot it for you.



Events, News November 16th 2011

Come and see us at Top Gear Live

The Annual Top Gear Live show is this year is coming from the Birmingham NEC and the London Docklands Excel!!   These two amazing venues are going to be host to what can best be described as a unique show and exhibition.  On the Lotus-Designed indoor circuit, two KTM X-Bow’s will be piloted by the Stig and other drivers in a race against the clock, before parading in the main arena alongside Clarkson, Hammond and May.  With multiple track sessions, there will be some X-Bow action to see every day.

Hangar 111 & ABG Motorsport have teamed up to attend the event, providing cars and technical support as well as presenting the brand new 300bhp X-Bow R in the prestigious exhibition area.

If you are considering coming along we recommend buying your tickets fast – they are selling out in unexpected volumes!!

We hope you can make it along!

BIRMINGHAM NEC – 11th – 13th November

LONDON DOCKLANDS EXCEL – 24th – 27th November

General Event Information here |    Details of dates and times here |   Tickets are here

Events, News November 7th 2011

KTM X-Bow R at Silverstone

The X-Bow R was in action today with the UK’s KTM dealers supporting (including Hangar 111!). The Goldtrack event at Silverstone attracted some impressive machinery ranging from Ferrari Scuderia’s to Lotus 2-Elevens and everything in between.

KTM’s European Sales team from Austria were also present to add to the X-Bow R’s presence!

The X-Bow R is the brand new 300bhp evolution of the already awesome X-Bow track day car.

Call or email us here to find out more!

Events, News August 8th 2011

Sayel Racing – Season Ends on a High

After an amazing rookie season in which Sayel Racing achieved a number of podiums Saad Salman’s X-Bow GT4 was certainly put through it’s paces at the Dubai Autodrome and the Yas Marina Circuit in the United Arab Emirates.  The Sayel Racing blog gives an excellent view of the season and links to some great coverage by Circuit Pro News and other media channels.

Supported in-country by AUH Motorsports, the X-Bow’s pedigree as a race-car was well proven.  Minor issues with braking, tyre pressures and fuel delivery prompted development and revisions on the car at the start and during the season to which the X-Bow responded very well.  Drivers – Saad Salman, Jordan Grogor and Rasheed Nashashibi were able to dial-in to the car quickly and start making good progress as the results illustrate.

All in all an exciting season through which we learned a huge amount about the X-Bow’s capabilities and where tuning potential truly exists.  We look forward to the further adventures of Sayel Racing next season!

Final Round Standings:

Round 1 – Qualif: 5th – Finish: 4th

Round 2 – Qualif: 6th – Finish: 7th

Round 3- Qualif: 3rd – Finish: 3rd

Round 4 – Qualif: 2nd – Finish: 4th

Round 5 – Qualif: 4th – Finish: 1st

Round 6 – Qualif: 4th – Finish: DNF

Round 7 – Qualif:   – Finish: DNF

Round 8 – Qualif: 1st – Finish: 3rd

For a complete view of the season from a drivers perspective, visit Sayel Racing’s web site.

News April 4th 2011

Ti-Links ARB links for the X-Bow

High-strength rod ends combined with strong, light titanium link rods. Developed for track and race car use, these links are shorter than standard to compensate for vehicles running lower ride heights and are also adjustable to enable fine tuning.

So why change the standard configuration? Our Ti-Links are shorter than standard versions which results in an instant reduction in body roll when loading the car up into a corner. This in turn allows the suspension more freedom of movement (if a damper bottoms out mid-corner then grip is reduced). Add to that 15mm adjustability in the rod lengths and you have the ability to fine-tune to taste. In practice we would recommend a lower spring rate and softer damper settings to allow the suspension to move more freely. This is down to personal taste however!

The arb drop links are subject to constant stresses which can lead to premature failure in oem type ball joints if the car is used frequently on the track. This generally results in a knocking or rattling noise. Replacing these with aircraft-grade spherical bearing rods-ends means you can rely on their accuracy and durability for much longer.

Available from our online store

Product News April 4th 2011

Hangar 111 & Sayel Racing at Yas

Those following the progress of Sayel Racing in the UAE GT Championship will be only too aware of his excellent progress during his first rookie season in the X-Bow.

In December 2010 I travelled to Abu Dhabi to help with the setup and support of the GT4 which was piloted in the 6th Round by Jordon Grogor and Saad Salman who kindly invited me to take part.

Abu Dhabi is a beautiful place to visit and the Yas Marina circuit has to be among the best if not the best motor racing circuit in the world. Perfection is the name of the game in the Emirates and the circuit on Yas Island is no exception.

The overall aim of my trip was to do as much as possible to help the team get faster lap times from the X-Bow, attempt to resolve some niggles with the fuel delivery (from the GT4’s bag fuel tank) and identify any potential areas where the car could be further developed. It is a blessing in situations like this to have drivers present who are able to give usable feedback to the team and accurately describe the cars dynamics. Both Jordan and Saad were great in this respect, and we quickly began to identify and make minor changes to good effect.

Some of the features of the car:

  • X-Bow GT4 (standard factory version)
  • Roof Scoop/airbox removed to reduce drag and increase cooling
  • Hangar 111 ITG Maxogen Induction Kit
  • Dunlop slicks (series tyre)
  • Pagid RS-15 brake pads
  • Hangar 111 Carbon Brake Ducting (it’s hot out there!)

At present, the car is exceptionally competitive and only the long, high speed straights are causing it some problems due to lack of power (it is running appx 278bhp). A weight penalty exists, so we need to be innovative to get those higher top-speeds. This is something we are working on at the moment.

Read more about Saad’s progress and our visit on Sayel Racing’s blog.

News January 26th 2011

Pagid RS-14 and RS-15 Pads

Pagid RS-14 (Black)

Over the years, our faith in the capabilities of Pagid RS pads has been unabated.  Our experience tells us that this is partly down to their excellent feel, initial bite and superb performance under high temperatures.  The RS-14 compound pads have been the staple diet of many Lotus track day drivers and racers for a number of years.

Pagid’s RS14 is a ceramic-based friction material that offers a good initial bite and consistant feel under light and heavy braking.  It has very good modulation characteristics and offers good control against wheel lock at all temperatures.

In practical use, we’ve found them to be at home on the road if they are regularly subject to the heat of use on the track.   They are an ideal replacement pad for the X-Bow.  We recommend using them on the front and rear as opposed to mixing compounds.

Pagid RS-15 (Grey)

The RS15 pad is also a ceramic-based formulation developed in the same way as the RS14 for similar use.  RS-15 is suitable for applications where very high levels of friction (braking torque) are required, or situations were very high disc temperatures are experienced.

RS15 combines the benefits of RS14 with approximately a 20% increase in the stopping performance.  With even greater intial bite and braking feel.  This increase in bite is often very useful on cars without servo assistance that are known to require high pedal forces to brake the car efficiently.  The RS-15 pads is therefore ideal for the X-Bow where we have found deterioration in front and rear pads due to overheating – common when a ‘road’ pad and disc combination are used frequently on the track.

Visit the Brakes section in our online store to order…

Product News January 26th 2011

X-Bow Floating Disc Assembly

Developed by Hangar 111 for the Sayel Racing X-Bow GT4, our new floating disc assembly is designed as a direct replacement for the original discs. Featuring a high-strength, lightweight alloy bell our GT4 Discs are lighter in weight and more durable under stress. Using an AP 8-groove disc which provides excellent gas displacement to give best possible performance in all conditions.

Installation requires no modification to caliper position or brake pads. Use with Powerparts Racing Brake Pads or RS-14/RS-15 compound pads for maximum benefit on the track.

CLICK HERE for more details or to purchase from our Online Store

News, Product News January 26th 2011