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X-Bow by KTM

As an official KTM X-BOW dealer and service partner we are proud to offer our knowledge and experience to prepare and maintain your X-BOW to the highest standards. A wide-range of services are provided at our modern, well equipped workshops located in Waldringfield, just off the A12 near Ipswich in Suffolk.
With competitive hourly rates and using genuine KTM parts and KTM factory-trained service technicians, we can take care of your X-BOW to exacting manufacturers standards.  Only through your authorised X-BOW service partner can your car be maintained with the latest factory technical bulletins and software updates.
Please note that all servicing prices quoted below include parts, labour and VAT so there are no hidden extra costs for you to calculate.  The price you see is the price you pay.
Servicing & Maintenance Pricing - X-BOW Models
  Servicing Options Price
  Main Service (Annually or 3100-6200 Road Miles) 309
  Frequent Driver - Intermediate Service - 3100 Road Miles 228
  Interim Engine Oil & Filter Change 172
  Track Day Driver Service (recommended annually) From 430
  Designed to cater for the rigours of track day driving and covers extended maintenance and checks that the Main Service does not cover.  
  Other Services Price
  Suspension Geometry/Alignment Check with Print-Out 25
  Brake Fluid Change (At least Annually or 6 Months with SRF) 60
  Coolant Change (Every 2 years) 93
  Gearbox Oil Change 72
  MOT Testing Price
  All Makes & Models 55
  We MOT test all vehicles with our own fully-trained technicians.  
  Drive-In/Drive-Out Diagnostic Services Price
  KTM Engine Diagnostic & Print Out (and code reset) 35
  Suspension Geometry & Alignment Price
  "GEO CHECK" - Diagnostic Check with Print Out 25
  Check the current state of your alignment with specified pre-load weights. Full print-out is provided. No adjustments are made during this check.  
  "FULL GEO" - Ride Height, Geometry & 4 Wheel Alignment 329
  Set Ride Height, Adjust Geo & Wheel Alignment. Includes ride height adjustment (sports suspension only), adjustments to camber, caster, front and rear toe as required to bring car into spec.  
  "GEO" - Geometry & 4-Wheel Alignment (most popular) 176
  4-Wheel Alignment & Geo. Includes adjustments to camber, front and rear toe as required to bring car into spec. No caster adjustment or ride height.  This should be carried out annually or after impacts (e.g. pot holes) or frequent track day use.  
  "ALIGNMENT" - 4-Wheel Alignment (reset thrust line) 78
  Front tracking alignment and rear toe. Includes adjustments to front track and rear toe to bring into required specification.  No camber or caster adjustments.  
  Corner Weighting Service CALL US
  Using a flat floor and the latest wireless corner weighing technology, we can setup your car for your desired weight distribution making it feel more precise and perfectly balanced on the track.   
  Geometry & Alignment Services for Other Makes CALL US
  All of the services above are available for other performance  
  makes and models.  If you have a specific setup for your non-  
  Lotus vehicle please contact us and we will be happy to help.  
All servicing, repairs and performance upgrades are performed to the approved KTM schedule, which will not only maintain your KTM warranty, but will ensure your car performs with the dynamics KTM intended.
Other services your Authorised KTM Service Partner can offer the X-BOW owner:
Engine Tuning & Diagnostics - Approved Performance Upgrades to 300bhp
Aftermarket Performance Parts & Accessories - Specially developed products for your X-BOW
KTM X-BOW Powerparts - Official upgrade parts developed by KTM for the X-BOW
Body Paint & Carbon Fibre Repair
Track Day & Race Preparation & Support
Vehicle Transportation & Storage
Corporate Events & Car Hire
When you come to Hangar 111, you will find products and services that we have gone to great lengths to ensure will delight you - as will our excellent value-for-money labour rate.
For more details about the services we can provide for your X-BOW please call or CONTACT US.
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